Preventive Care for Pets

Dogs and cats are frequently born with, or obtain shortly after birth, roundworms, hookworms, or both. Most reputable breeders will routinely deworm puppies and kittens for these parasites before selling them. Therefore, depending on the age and source of new puppies and kittens, deworming for these parasites may have already been taken care of. For dogs, most Heartworm Preventative products provide protection against reinfestation with some internal parasites, IF the heartworm preventative is given 12 months a year.  All pets should be tested annually for intestinal parasites as some can be transmitted to humans.

There are, however, other internal parasites that dogs and cats can become infested with that may need treatment. Therefore, any dog or cat with diarrhea should have a fecal sample tested for parasites. Further, we recommend an annual fecal examination as a part of a thorough preventive health program. In some cases of unexplained weight loss or diarrhea, a prophylactic deworming is undertaken regardless of the results of fecal examinations. Sometimes the nature of the diarrhea or the history of the pet are suggestive of a particular type of parasite, and may be used to choose an appropriate therapy.

Wellness Panels & Early Detection

Routine physical examinations, bloodwork and dental care, along with a clear communication between the client and the veterinarian, will provide the best care available for your pet. Many problems and diseases can be prevented, if caught early, and are easier managed with early detection. We will gladly discuss the available options and results with you.