Class IV Laser Therapy For Your Pet

Does your dog have arthritis pain? Are you looking for a drug-free and pain-free treatment option to relieve your dog’s pain? Class IV Laser Therapy is a drug-free treatment option that can be used alone or in conjunction with conventional drugs and supplements to treat arthritis pain. Class IV Laser Therapy is non-invasive, and you can even be beside your pet while he/she receives a treatment, which usually takes 5 minutes or less per joint. Using the principle of photobiomodulation, the laser transmits light energy into damaged tissues and then allows them to heal at a cellular level to decrease inflammation and alleviate pain.

And let’s not forget arthritis pain in cats. Arthritis in cats is a condition that is widely underdiagnosed even though most cats over the age of 8 years old have some degree of arthritis. If your cat has a stiff gait or difficulty getting around, it may be time to consider this drug-free therapy, especially since arthritis medications for cats are limited.

Class IV Laser Therapy has many other uses to help your pet. Some dogs with severe ear infections get very extensive inflammation and tenderness associated with those infections, so much so that they may cry out in pain when the ear is only touched. Class IV Laser Therapy can alleviate swelling and pain caused by ear infections in dogs. Additionally, Class IV lasers also have antibacterial effects speeding up the time it takes to heal infections. Using the same principle, Laser Therapy can also be used to alleviate pain, decrease swelling, and accelerate the healing of skin infections secondary to self-trauma, as happens with “hot spots” or “acral lick dermatitis” lesions. Usually, within one treatment of the Class IV Laser being passed over the hot spot will significantly reduce the inflammation and decrease the likelihood that your dog will go back to chewing the affected area.

Another application of Class IV Laser Therapy is to stimulate and quicken the healing process. Applying the laser over Spay or Neuter incisions after surgery decreases swelling and accelerates the incision line’s healing. After your dog or cat has a tooth extraction during an anesthetized Dental Procedure the Therapy Laser can be passed over the extraction site to expedite recovery, decrease bacteria, and reduce painful swelling. After orthopedic surgeries, such as correction of cruciate tears (lateral suture or TPLO fixations), fracture repair, or medial patellar luxation correction, the Class IV Laser Therapy can hasten healing and decrease swelling and pain associated with the painful postoperative period. Therapy Lasers can be used in cats after they are declawed to decrease swelling and pain after surgery. Class IV Therapy Laser has also been proven to facilitate wound healing after dogs or cats have suffered any trauma, including lacerations, burns, or even being hit by a car.

Pet Class IV Laser Therapy Veterinary Hospital

As mentioned, there are so many different applications for a Class IV Therapy Laser to help your cat or dog. If you think your pet may benefit from laser therapy, please call our Veterinary Hospital and speak to one of our veterinary team members, and we can discuss if this drug-free, pain-free treatment may be an option for your pet.

Tamara Borland VMD